Stealth Laboratory Metal Detector

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The portable and compact Stealth Laboratory Metal Detector is used offline to further examine rejected product from an in-line Large Bag or Gravity detection system. The Lab unit enables you to quickly filter out the metal contaminants and reclaim good product. Additionally, by isolating the contaminant QA can then determine the source of the problem and initiate corrective action.

Stealth Laboratory detectors use Digital Signal Processing Technology and have high sensitivity levels to ensure the detection of the smallest ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants. Available in either stainless steel or aluminum construction, Stealth detectors have built in data collection and Contact Reporter Software making them a critical control point in preventing product contamination.

Renowned for their superior accuracy and reliability, Stealth Laboratory/QA Metal Detectors act as essential Critical Control Points in HACCP systems, effectively identifying and rejecting potential contamination.


  • Contact Reporter Lite Software Included
  • Detailed Data Collection
  • Digital Signal Processing Technology
  • Ultra Sensitive Detection
  • AutoTest: Self Diagnostic Testing
  • Automatic Calibration
  • System Set-Up in Seconds
  • Flash Memory Stability
  • Multi-Level Password Protection
  • Color Coded Sorting Bins Included
  • Portable Diagnostic Detector Plugs into 110v


  • Offline Product Examination
  • Quality Assurance
  • Bulk Product Inspection
  • Separate Rejected Material from Good Material
  • Closely Examine Product for Contaminants to Determine Source
  • Often Used in Conjunction with Inline Fortress Metal Detectors