Print & Apply systems

Print & Apply ALX 73x and ALX 92x series are reliable and modern systems developed to meet today’s high standards for labeling and identification of products, as well as the high demands of supply and logistics chains. They are designed for industrial environments with different production capacities, characterized by high speed and precision.


OEM print modules DPM and PEM are the excellent answer to today’s high Print & Apply demands. These modules generate great flexibility in developing a tailored Print & Apply Solution. The DPM and PEM modules include all the intelligent, standard features of our ALX range, such as ribbon saving, 400 mm/sec print speed and 1000 m ribbon rolls.

ALX 73x

ALX 73x range of Print & Apply models are developed to meet the fastest available Print & Apply demands in the marketplace. With up to 50 meter per minute apply speed, ALX 73x models are unbeatable.

Covering print widths up to 152 mm (6 inches), most required printing demands are covered without losing print quality at high application speed. Large label rolls in combination with 1000 meter ribbon rolls make the ALX 73x extremely efficient and support your needs for fast, reliable and perfect product identification.

ALX 92x

High-performing, intelligent models of the ALX 92x range are the perfect choice for any dedicated Print & Apply need. Covering three different print widths, the ALX 92x systems perform excellent in any environment. Used for item, carton and pallet applications, printing barcodes, text, logos and more, the ALX 92x shows itself to be very flexible.

With a focus on efficiency, the ALX 92x models include large ribbon rolls of 1000 meters, ribbon saving function and easy operator handling.



simple identification – safe distribution

The XPU pallet labeler offers high levels of reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness, including demanding 24/7 applications, and delivers outstanding print results even in the rough conditions of a logistics environment.

  • applies GS1 compliant DIN A5 labels
  • labeling optionally 2 sides with just one pallet stop
  • marking up to 180 pallets per hour
  • fully readable barcode thanks to optional scanner
  • options: scanner for barcode validation, RFID ability, 3 side labeling
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