SIC Marking E10 C153 / E10 C303

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The extreme accuracy and speed of the c153 benchtop marking machines are unmatched. Using a unique electromagnetic marking technology, the c153 column mounted system can adapt to various shapes and surface conditions, whether flat, concave, convex, circular, or raw.

Only requiring one source of energy, it features an integrated counter, a 160 x 100 mm marking window, and LED lighting, making it a reliable, consistently accurate, and highly adaptable marking machine.

  • Printing field 160 x 100 mm
  • Dimensions 385 x 350 x 636 mm
  • Carbide Needle 60 mm
  • Product height up to 250 mm
  • Z-axis speed up to 30 mm / sec.
  • Weight 30 kg

When it comes to extreme accuracy and speed of benchtop machines, the C303 does not have any competition. The column mounted system C303 can be adapted to different shapes and surface conditions, either flat, concave, convex, circular or rough. Any material can be marked (including plastic and solid steel up to 62HRC), requires only one source of energy. Its integrated counter, a large window for designation of 300 x 150 mm and LED lighting make it an extremely accurate and universal marking machine.

  • Printing field 300 x 150 mm
  • Dimensions 385 x 350 x 704 mm
  • Weight 30 kg
  • Carbide Needle 60 mm
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