Novexx printers

XLP 50x
The XLP 50x Label Printer series is the perfect solution for the Print & Apply medium-sized labels, available in 4 and 6 inch print widths. It can be used for thermal transfer or direct transfer technology.

Prints high quality barcodes, fonts and images on a large number of label materials: (coated) paper, PE / PP or paperboard up to 152 mm wide. Thanks to its flexibility, XLP 50x is ready for numerous applications and will support your identification and traceability processes, mainly related to primary and secondary packaging in the following industries:

  • Production and food processing
  • General distribution and logistics
  • Consumer goods
  • General production
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Electronics
  • Ticketing

To meet the heavy demands of industrial applications, the most advanced durable high performance 64-series printers. With a print speed of up to 400 mm / sec, printers in this series work faster than any other printer on the market and therefore become the best choice for increasing productivity and reducing costly the time of the operator for printing the label. Series 64 printers are dedicated to printing barcodes, fonts and logos in excellent quality on any type of label.

Unique standard features, such as energy-saving bands, 600-meter rolls, print widths of up to 203 mm (8 inches) and print speeds of up to 400 mm / sec, allow you to save money without compromising print quality. Standard data interfaces such as Ethernet and USB enable easy integration into existing processes and internal networks in any industry and location.

Within the 64 series, there are four models of different widths of the printing (in inches): 64-04, 64-05, 64-06 and 64-08. By combining the 64-0x with our smooth LTSI application, printers are transformed into flexible, semi-automatic printing and application solutions.

With the same printer specifications as the Print & Apply models ALX 73x and ALX 92x, Series 64 printers are perfectly suited for rounding up your label printing process and labeling products.

Series 64 printers can optionally be equipped with RFID-UHF readers. In addition to performing standard print jobs, the 64 series can encode, write and verify the labels and tags of RFID-UHF.

XTP 804
XTP 804 is designed for high quality printing of individual labels, tickets and blister cards based on the NOVEXX Solutions 64 series printing module. It is equipped with a thermal direct / thermal high performance printer with a 4 “print width.

As the XTP 804 can be used for different materials, design, size and thickness, the scope of application is wide, for example in the following industries:

  • Food (eg Product Information Cards)
  • Cars (eg Blister cards for small spare parts)
  • Electronics (eg Blister cards for battery components, smart cards)
  • Clothes (for example, Labels of compositions, decorative labels, brand names)
  • Pharmaceuticals (eg Blister cards for pills, disinfectants)
  • Retailing (e.g., Price cards, shelf labeling cards)

XLP 504
Industrial printer XLP 504 is a 3 in 1 device: printing, cutting and folding textile labels for garment maintenance

This device is the perfect solution for printing textile materials that are mostly used for maintenance labels. These permanent care labels often require very small fonts and finely processed graphics for washing symbols and branding labels. XLP 504 with TCS offers high-quality high-quality printing.


  • Labels with instructions on maintenance for clothes
  • Labels for mattresses, shoes, bags, hats, belts, etc.
  • Woven labels used for the interior of the aircraft or in the automotive sector, e.g. on safety belts
  • Labels for home textiles such as towels, carpets or curtains
  • Print labels – from roll to individual mark
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